Since 1998 Morning Star Work & Safety Supplies have been providing Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo and all surrounding area businesses and residents with the highest quality safety products, equipment, and apparel which meet or exceed industry standards. Safety at the workplace, on the job site, or at home means using the right equipment for the task. Quality counts when your life is on the line! We have thousands of safety items to satisfy all your safety requirements.
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Safety Supplies

From job site workers to an organization project to a private family event we have the safety items to help maintain a safe enviroment for your employees, club members, and family!

Safety Apparel

We are your source for affordable ANSI-compliant quality apparel, safety vests, high visibility, protective gear and more for all job sites, businesses, professions, seasons, and situations.

First Aid Supplies

With a well-stocked first aid kit, you have the supplies to be ready for most minor emergencies. Always be prepared for the unexpected with first aid and disaster preparedness products.

Janitorial Supplies

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional assistance with any of your janitorial supply needs and we will help you find the right product for your specific application.

"Your SAFETY Begins with Us!"